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5 Signs That You Need a New Air Conditioner

As we approach the summer season, even with the current cooler weather, signs of warmer days are emerging. It’s crucial to ensure your air conditioner is primed for peak performance when the heat intensifies.

When to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes, the issue isn’t just about performance; it’s about viability. An aging AC unit, struggling to keep up, might need more than a simple fix. Here are clear indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioner in Bellevue, WA.

  1. Age of Your Air Conditioner (10-15 Years) Air conditioners have a lifespan. Typically, they last between 10 to 15 years. If yours falls within this range, start planning for a replacement, even if it’s still functioning.
  2. Use of Outdated Refrigerant If your AC uses a refrigerant that’s no longer in production, like R-22, consider a replacement. Phasing out of certain refrigerants makes maintenance costly and challenging.
  3. Inability to Cool An AC that fails to produce cool air defeats its purpose. If cooling is compromised, replacement is the next logical step.
  4. Frequent Repairs Evaluate the frequency of repairs. Occasional fixes are normal, but if your AC needs repairs annually or more, it’s a sign that you need a new air conditioner.
  5. High Cost of Repairs Sometimes, it’s not the frequency but the cost of repairs that matters. If repair costs are nearing half the price of a new unit, investing in a new system is more economical.

Next Steps: Consultation and Start New Air Conditioner Research

If any of these signs resonate with your situation, it’s wise to consult a technician. A professional can assess your AC’s condition and guide you through the replacement process if necessary.

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May 23, 2022 | Air Conditioning