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Central AC vs. Ductless AC: Is One Obviously Better?

When it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner to a new system, you have a lot of options. Among those are central air conditioning and ductless mini split units. Both are popular and each one has its own unique pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons of Central AC

If you already have an existing central air conditioner, swapping it out with a comparable unit is much easier. All of the existing connections should match up, plus you already have ductwork in place. Since ductwork often lasts longer than air conditioner units, you can save by not having to install new duct work. 

Central air conditioners are also less expensive than a ductless unit to install upfront and may have a longer lifespan. They are considered the tried-and-true option that many homeowners choose because of their long track record for being excellent air conditioning systems.

However, a potential downside is that they can cost more for energy use on a monthly basis. Plus, ductwork can cause a lot of problems when it comes to airflow. If duct seals break, cool air can escape and dust and dirt can get in and blow through your home.

Pros and Cons of Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners boast the benefit of significantly lowering energy bills. In fact, you could save as much as 50% each month on your energy costs. Because you have a unit for each individual room, the unit has the potential to use much less energy to provide heating and cooling. 

That brings us to another benefit. A ductless air conditioner is actually an AC and heater all in one. When you invest in this type of system, it uses a heat pump so you can eliminate the need for a separate air conditioner and heater in your home. 

Potential downsides include that ductless mini split units usually cost much more upfront to install. This is because you are essentially getting a complete air conditioner for every room of your home. However, you have to consider that the potential energy savings could help to balance out this upfront cost. 

Ductless mini split units also require more frequent homeowner maintenance. You will have to clean out the filter for each individual unit every single month, if not more frequently. You may also have to flush out the condensate drain lines, since they are much smaller than in a standard air conditioner and get clogged more easily.


The bottom line is, each type of air conditioning system has its own unique pros and cons. You just have to think about what you want out of your air conditioner, how much you want to spend, and what your expectations are. 

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Jun 5, 2023 | Air Conditioning