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Heat Advisory! Make Sure You’ve Got Your AC Prepped!


Throughout the Pacific Northwest, more than 12 million people were under a heat advisory as of this Saturday. It’s more than a month from the official first day of summer, and we’re already seeing temperatures more than 20° higher than normal for this time of year in Washington State.

According to the Weather Prediction Center, we can expect record-breaking temperatures that might rise to 30° warmer than average. The Seattle region alone set records in four locations this weekend: Quillayute, SeaTac, Olympia, and Hoquiam.

This kind of heat is alarming, and for some people it can be life-threatening. We want all our customers to know they can rely on our technicians to help them with 24-hour emergency repair service. However, the extreme heat means there will be more demand for AC services. We advise you take several steps to lower your AC use during this heatwave and reduce the chance of a breakdown:

  • Raise the temperature on the thermostat to as high as you find comfortable. We recommend 75°F during the day.
  • Change out the air filter for the HVAC system if it’s clogged.
  • Make use of room fans and ceiling fans to help people feel cooler.
  • Arrange for maintenance for your air conditioning system if you haven’t yet—this is the best way to prevent a surprise breakdown. 
  • During the day, avoid cooking, using appliances like the laundry machine, or any other activity that puts extra heat into the house.

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May 15, 2023 | Uncategorized