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It’s That Time of Year: Schedule Maintenance for Your Heating System

Heating maintenance is a hot topic at this time of the year. There are two types of homeowners: Those who schedule heating maintenance now ahead of the winter season; and those who put off the service and wait to schedule it until it is absolutely necessary.

We encourage you to be one of the homeowners who plans ahead for heating service in Kirkland, WA. It’s the best way to prevent heating disasters this winter, like a total heater breakdown that comes unexpectedly. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of scheduling heater maintenance early instead of putting it off until later on.


It can be hard to believe, but even relatively minor heating problems can have a major impact on efficiency. When your heater loses efficiency, that means that it requires more energy to produce the same results. Using more energy means that your energy costs go up each month. The problem with this is that whatever is causing a loss and efficiency is probably a problem that is getting worse over time. 

The worse the problem gets, the worse your heater efficiency is. It can be a downward cycle that continues on without some interference to stop it. You may see energy costs increase month after month without understanding why. When you schedule a tune-up, it’s an opportunity for our team to make tweaks inside of your heater that allow it to be as energy efficient as possible.

Longer Lifespan

Heaters are known for having long lifespans. But the trick to your heater lasting for as long as possible is annual maintenance. And not just annual maintenance here and there, but annual maintenance every single year consistently over the life of your heater. 

When you invest in tune-ups, you are making an investment in that initial cost that you spent to install your heater. Longer that your heater lasts, the more that you are getting out of that initial investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to replace your heater after eight years, you could invest a few hundred dollars per year in maintenance for your heater and it will last up to twice as long. 


Aside from financial considerations, you also want to think about your family’s safety. Modern heaters are safe to use, but anything connected to electricity or gas does come with some risks. When you schedule a tune-up it is an opportunity for our team to come take a close look at all of the electrical and gas connections to make sure that your heater is in the best possible shape to keep your home warm without any issues. 

Heater problems are a pain, but when you elevate the problems to a level that affects your family’s safety, they can be very dangerous. Heaters can easily pose fire hazards, although most problems are very easy to prevent with proper maintenance. Even if your heater is working great and you’re tempted to skip out on maintenance, don’t do it. The money you spend on a tune-up is well worth the peace of mind that you enjoy when it comes to your family’s safety.

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Oct 9, 2023 | Heating