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Should You Kick Off the New Year With a New Heater?

Saying goodbye is hard, but it shouldn’t be hard when you are saying goodbye to a heater that can’t keep you warm. Replacing a bad system just means you are saying goodbye to a lack of warmth.

Hopefully, you start picking up on the warning signs that your heater is wearing out before you lose all of the heat in your home. We want to help you avoid any worst-case scenario, so we’ve provided a list of warning signs to check for that will tell you it is time to plan for a heater replacement.

Your system is 10–15 years old

If you don’t know how old your system is, now is the time to find out. When your heater reaches an age range in the double digits, it means that you should start preparing for a replacement sooner than later. Keeping track of your heater’s age can give you a head start in preparing for the replacement process, allowing you to avoid a system breakdown.

You need repairs as often as you need tune-ups

We advise that everyone gets their heating system tuned up each year. This can help keep repairs to a minimum. That’s why increasingly frequent repair needs should be a red flag. When a heater needs repairs this often, it means the system is wearing down and won’t be operable for much longer.

The cost of repairs has become too high

How much are your heater repairs starting to cost? Was your last repair higher than you felt you could handle? Or maybe your latest repair bill has you rethinking keeping your heater at all. There is such a thing as a repair bill that is too high.

If the cost of your repair is equal to half or more of the price of a new heater, then you may want to reallocate your budget to that upgrade. This can be a bigger price upfront that will also help reduce your monthly energy bills.

Another way to tell if your bill is too high is to check with the Rule of 5,000. To use this rule, multiply the cost of your repair bill by the age of your system. If the resulting sum is over 5,000, you are due for an upgrade.

Regular upkeep isn’t enough to keep your system running

If you are one of the people who pride themselves on getting maintenance for their heater each year, we applaud you. You’ve likely gotten the absolute best from your heater for a good long while.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but even with this dedicated level of care, you will eventually need a new heater. The goal is to be prepared for this situation when it comes up. Don’t be fooled into ignoring the above warning signs just because you’ve been careful about getting tune-ups. Preparing for replacements ahead of time can help prevent money from being lost to overly high energy bills and repairs that ultimately prove useless.

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Jan 16, 2023 | Heating