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The Importance of a Good Thermostat

All too often, the importance of a thermostat can be underestimated. This is the command center for your heating and cooling system, so many people mistakenly believe that, as long as it is connected to the HVAC systems, it works fine.

This just isn’t true.

Old, faulty, or miscalibrated thermostats can prove more of a problem than you might think. Read on to learn more about why keeping an updated thermostat in Bellevue in your home can make or break your overall comfort and how to tell it’s time to upgrade yours.

How to Tell You Have a Bad Thermostat

You don’t want to keep a bad thermostat in your house. It can easily ruin your temperature control and overall comfort throughout the year. Here are the problems a faulty thermostat can create.

  • It causes higher energy use. When your thermostat isn’t working right, it will end up costing you. This is because poor temperature detection leads to increased energy usage and costs. This is made worse if you pair an old thermostat with newer HVAC systems because it can ruin their efficiency.
  • It increases strain on your HVAC systems. Using a bad thermostat can lead to increased wear and tear on your HVAC system. This is because faulty temperature detection can lead to an increased workload on the system.
  • It never gets the temperature right. One of the biggest complaints about bad thermostats is that they mess with your ability to control the temperature accurately in your home, making it nearly impossible to stay comfortable.
  • It doesn’t respond anymore. You are pressing buttons, tapping the screen, or nudging the switch but nothing is happening. This means your thermostat isn’t just faulty, it’s either fully disconnected or no longer working.

The Benefits of a Good Thermostat

If you have noticed there are problems being caused by your thermostat, we’d advise getting an upgrade soon. This is especially true if you’ve upgraded either of your HVAC systems without upgrading your thermostat. The benefits of getting a better thermostat in your home are very noticeable.

  • It will optimize energy efficiency for all systems. Better temperature detection allows for more accurate heating and cooling which also reduces your energy usage.
  • It will improve your home comfort. A better thermostat will more accurately detect the temperature in your home. That means it’ll also be able to accurately turn off when it reaches the desired temperature. A better thermostat will improve your ability to control your indoor environment.
  • It can learn your patterns to make temperature control easy. Newer thermostats are usually smart or programmable thermostats. These can be set up with programs that turn on your systems automatically throughout the day, minimizing your energy usage but increasing your comfort.
  • It helps temperature control all year long. A better thermostat isn’t just going to help you during the heating season. Increased temperature control will benefit you throughout the entire year.

Don’t ignore the role your thermostat plays! If you have an outdated or faulty thermostat, getting an upgrade may benefit you more than you realize.

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Mar 13, 2023 | Heating