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Tips For Handling an AC Breakdown

We are all about trying to get issues addressed before you have a system that breaks down. However, even with plenty of diligence and regular upkeep, there is a chance that a heatwave can take down an older air conditioner. It is a worst-case scenario.

Thankfully, WSB HVAC is prepared to handle worst-case scenarios too. If you ever find yourself with a cooling system that has completely broken down, come to our team for 24/7 air conditioner repairs in Bellevue, WA. In the interim, use the following guide to help you stay safe and cool until a technician arrives.

Keep Calm and Cooler(er) With This Guide

An air conditioning system breakdown at the height of summer is less than ideal. That’s why we provide emergency services to help you. You can also use this guide to keep things a tad more comfortable while you wait for your technician to arrive.

1. Don’t try to use your AC!

Make sure the air conditioner is off. Set the thermostat to “OFF” and see that everyone in the house knows not to try to turn it on. We understand that this will be tough, but trying to run a dead AC will cost you money and can create bigger problems.

2. DO use ceiling or standalone fans

The fans in the house won’t lower the temperature in the house. However, they can increase air circulation, which helps you feel cooler. This is because that increased air circulation helps increase the evaporation of your sweat, which helps keep your body cooler. This can at least help you to feel somewhat comfortable until your technician gets a new cooling unit in place.

3. Keep the sunshine out

Yes, natural light is a great thing, but not with how much radiant heat it carries. If at all possible, keep the rooms that get the most sunlight in them darker throughout the day. Keeping those windows covered and closed will help keep the indoor temperature much cooler and more manageable while you wait for your AC to be replaced.

4. Try to avoid adding heat to the house.

We aren’t just talking about keeping doors and windows closed during the day at this point. We’re also talking about doing your best to use your stove or oven as minimally as possible. These systems add a lot of heat to the home so it may be a good idea to stick with cold cuts and salads as much as possible until you have a working cooling system again.

5. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated can make a huge difference in keeping you more comfortable and safer while you wait to get your cooling system back online again. This is vital not just for your comfort but for your safety and wellbeing.

No one wants to be faced with an HVAC emergency. But it is good to be prepared in case the issue ever arises. That way the situation can be that much less stressful because you already know who to call.

Connecting you to comfort: Contact WSB HVAC for all of your air conditioning needs. Whether it is an emergency or a standard tune-up, we are here to help.

Aug 1, 2022 | Air Conditioning