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Why a Generator Is a Worthwhile Addition to Your Home

If the thought of losing power to your home makes you cringe, then a whole house generator may be just what you need. Sure power outages aren’t that common, but when they do happen they can really wreak havoc on your life.

When you want to schedule generator service in Redmond, WA, give our team a call. Not sure if a generator is right for your home or not? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a whole house generator for power failure emergencies.

Safety and Security

Having a power failure at your house leaves your home and family more vulnerable. If you have a security system, a generator can help power it so that your home is not without security, even during a power outage. But security system as a side, having power at your house still makes it more secure. Plus you can come home with some relief knowing that your lights and appliances will work. 

You may be thinking that a portable generator can do the job. But a whole house generator is much safer than a portable generator. Plus, a whole house generator can power all of your appliances and other electrical needs. With a portable generator, you have to pick and choose what you plug in and what you don’t. Plus it runs on gasoline which is much more dangerous than a whole house generator with a permanent dedicated gas line.

Convenience and Comfort

A whole house generator is convenient because it automatically turns on when it senses a power outage. When the breaker in your home triggers that there is no power, your generator instantly turns on to meet your power needs. There may be a small delay, but your whole house generator should turn on almost immediately. 

We all know that power outages never happen at a convenient time. You may be stuck inside your home during a power outage on the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter. A whole house generator ensures that your home stays comfortable and your family is appropriately cool or warm.


Plus a whole house generator saves you money. Sure, it’s a hefty investment. But installing a whole house generator stands to save you money, especially when it comes to groceries that are in your fridge and freezer. You may not think that it’s a huge deal to lose your groceries during a power outage, until it happens and you have to deal with it. 

Not only do you have to throw away food that has grown warm and clean out your fridge and freezer, but you also have to restock to the tune of hundreds of dollars. When you consider that time is money, you’re saving even more over the effort that it takes you to restock your fridge and freezer after cleaning it all out.

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