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3 Spooky Home Scenarios You Can Call Us to Deal With

No, we aren’t here to tell you that your home is haunted and we moonlight as ghost hunters. But the “spooky” season can often lead to people’s imaginations getting the better of them. We see it a lot. Odd sounds or smells or drafts seem far more ominous than they really are.

We are here to help you keep comfortable and enjoy easy peace of mind. And during this time of year, that may also mean putting some of your fears to rest. Here are some spooky things you might encounter at home that are really just issues that require HVAC services in Bellvue to address.

1. Your home is eerily chilly as of late.

Walking around the house, you may have noticed things feel a bit too cold for your liking, even though the heater is running. Or maybe you’ve noticed certain rooms or spots in the house are just cold. While this is considered a “symptom” of a ghost, it is also far more likely to be a sign that you have a malfunction in your heating system. Maybe there is a problem with the distribution of the airflow through the house or holes in your ductwork allowing the warm air to escape before it can make a dent in the temperature of the room.

2. There is a concerning smell.

Does something smell off in the house? Rather than a swamp monster, that musty dank smell may be coming from your HVAC system, especially if you have a heat pump. This system may have a build-up of dirty condensation that has been collecting in the condensate pan and leading to mold growth. When this occurs and the heat pump is switched to heating mode, this will warm up any existing mold or leftover dirty moisture, creating some less-than-pleasant smells that are circulated through the house.

Maybe you have a furnace though and you’ve noticed a sulfuric smell. We would say, “Don’t worry,” but this smell is actually worth extra concern. What you are likely smelling is a gas leak that may be coming from a gas line connection leak with your furnace or, worse, a crack in your heat exchanger allowing gas to escape.

3. You can hear something concerning echoing through the house.

Are there some creepy noises bouncing around your home? While it can be easy to fall into the spell of a chilly dark night and chalk those sounds up to a haunting, this is also more than likely due to your heater being in trouble as well. Sounds that can include rattling, clanking, screeching, or hissing are all indicators of a range of different inefficiencies that a professional technician can identify and repair.

It can be a relief to discover that some of the spookier things you’ve noticed happening in your home lately can be chalked up to a simple heating system repair need. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

If any of the above problems sound familiar, reach out to a professional to get your heat pump or furnace heater back into proper working order.

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Oct 10, 2022 | Heating