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4 Reasons to Install a Generator

This winter has been a wild one. We saw some of the coldest temperatures possible for our region, along with extreme weather around the holiday season. The reality is that these extreme situations may have made it apparent that having a source of backup power is extremely important.

If you are in an all-electric home, or even if you still have some gas-powered appliances, you may want to consider the benefits of getting a whole-house generator installation for your home.

Understanding Whole-House vs. Portable Systems

If you have a portable generator, you may think you are all set. However, portable systems have their limits. They can be pretty inconvenient too.

Whole-house generators offer benefits where a portable generator falls short. This is because whole-house generators are hard-wired into your home and a natural gas line, allowing them to provide automatic power when it is needed.

While portable generators can be helpful in an emergency, they won’t provide the reliability and convenience that a whole-house system will.

The Benefits of Getting a Whole-House Generator Installed

Here are the best benefits you’ll enjoy when you opt to install a whole-house generator.

  1. It turns on automatically. As we touched on above, these generators are hard-wired into your home’s power system. This is because these systems are made to sense if and when the power supply to the house is cut off. When it is, then the whole-house generator will turn on automatically, meaning that you’ll barely even notice the switch to your backup power source.
  2. It can provide multiple days of power for the entire house. These systems are powerful—extremely so. They can continue to power the entire house for days at a time without any need for intervention on your part.
  3. They are highly energy-efficient. Whole-house generators create power using natural gas. This makes them cleaner to use than portable generators which may use petrol, a fuel that produces more harmful byproducts. This setup also makes the system far more energy efficient and easier to handle since you never have to fill it up.
  4. It can help with your health and safety. When the power goes out, it isn’t just inconvenient. It can be the precursor to potential health and safety risks such as injuries from falls because you can’t see where you are going, or health issues due to food going bad too quickly. These issues won’t be a problem with your whole-house generator because it will keep your lights, refrigerator, HVAC system, and more running.

Installing a Whole-House Generator

Getting a whole-house generator installed is no small job. There are electrical and gas line connections that need to be made, and that is just one part of things. This is why it is best to get your generator installed by a trained professional like the ones at WSB HVAC. Working with us means that you’ll truly be able to trust your generator to keep the lights on when you need it to.

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Jan 30, 2023 | Home Improvement