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Spring Is Here: Time to Get Your AC Running in Top Shape!

Spring is here, and even though we still face some cool temperatures in the days ahead, we can finally look forward to the weather warming up. And you definitely want to make sure that your AC is ready to take on the heat of summer. But how do you do that?

The short answer is that you want to schedule AC maintenance sooner rather than later. If you think you need an AC tuneup in Bellevue, WA, our team can help. We are the AC experts in the area, and we can help you make sure your air conditioner is running at its best so you stay comfortable all spring and all summer long. 


You probably want to have the peace of mind that when you turn your air conditioner on, it will work correctly every time without any problems. AC maintenance offers this peace of mind to you. When you have a member of our team come out and inspect your air conditioner early in the spring, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is ready to cool your home no matter how hot it gets this summer. 

Our team of experts can find the smallest problems inside your air conditioner and fix them before they get any worse. For example, a loose screw may not seem like a big deal until it comes off, knocks around inside of your system, and damages a much more expensive component. You can’t avoid all problems with AC maintenance, but you can increase your air conditioner’s reliability. 


When you had your air conditioner installed, it was a significant financial investment. You either had to save for an extended period of time, or maybe even take out a loan to cover the expense. When you spend that much money, you want your investment to last for as long as possible. The only way to do that is by taking care of your investment. In this case, that’s your air conditioner. 

You probably know the old saying that things last longer if you take care of them. This is absolutely true when it comes to your air conditioner. The average AC is expected to last between 10 and 15 years. With regular annual maintenance, you can expect your AC to last even longer. But if you never have maintenance, you may have to replace your air conditioner even sooner than what is considered average. 

Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner does not just cool your home in the summer. It also helps to improve your indoor air quality by eliminating some dust and dirt, and also balancing humidity levels. You have a part in this by changing your air filter regularly. But even with the cleanest filters, some small particles will still get through and into your air conditioning system. 

Annual maintenance is an opportunity to wipe down the inside of your AC, including your ductwork, to get rid of any build up. Making sure the inside of your system is clean is a great way to prevent the same contaminants from recirculating in the air of your home. It also prevents that same dust and dirt from clogging up gears and other components so that they continue to operate smoothly.

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Mar 27, 2023 | Air Conditioning