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Why Your AC Isn’t Evenly Cooling Your Home

Hot and cold spots happen when cooling is not distributed evenly throughout your home. You may have one room that gets significantly warmer or cooler than other areas of your home.

The good news is that this is not something that you have to accept. It’s a problem that is very easy to fix and can offer impressive results. If you’re experiencing hot or cold spots in your home, give us a call for air conditioning repair in Bellevue, WA. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about why uneven cooling happens and what you can do about it.

The Impact of Ductwork

Your central air conditioner connects to a network of ducts located in your basement or attic. These ducts then connect to air vents that are distributed throughout your home based on a unique layout. You may have some rooms with only a single vent and other rooms with multiple vents to allow more cool air in. When your ductwork was installed, it was given a unique layout to meet the cooling needs of your home. 

The goal of the ductwork is for cool air to be distributed evenly through all of the rooms of your home so that you get a uniform temperature. But when something is wrong with the ductwork, you may have a room that gets more or less cool air than other rooms. This is not a problem with your central air conditioner and instead needs to be addressed through your ductwork.

Potential Problems

There are a couple of reasons that your ductwork may not be distributing cool air evenly. The first is that your ductwork was never laid out properly to begin with or has shifted around so that it no longer streamlines airflow efficiently. Our team can assess your ductwork layout and move it around until you are seeing the results you expect. In some cases, this could mean moving air vents around and even installing new air vents. 

There’s also a chance that there are holes in your ductwork allowing cool air to escape before it ever reaches your home. This can lead to hotspots in particular because a room or area of your home is not receiving cool air. Our team can pressurize your ductwork and complete tests to locate these holes and seal them off. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’re always welcome to give us a call again and we will come back to continue troubleshooting.

Tips for Air Vents

You may be tempted to close air vents around your home in an effort to channel air into other areas. However, it doesn’t quite work that way. Instead, you are simply trapping cool air in your ducts so that it never has a chance to reach the inside of your home. If you tend to close air vents, we encourage you to re-open them and see if that makes a difference.

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Aug 14, 2023 | Air Conditioning